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Greater Ft Lauderdale State of Tech 2021 By South Florida TechGateway

January 14, 2022

For generations, Greater Fort Lauderdale’s role as part of a thriving technology hub was one of the best-kept secrets outside of South Florida. Ground-breaking, life-changing innovations like the personal computer, the smartphone, even the networks that connect people and organizations across town and around the globe were created and built in South Florida.

It was like some guarded secret – to all but those in the tech and innovation sectors.

Now, the word is out. Greater Fort Lauderdale’s innovative, collaborative and creative technology and venture capital ecosystem continues to lure startups to mature companies alike that are disrupting their industries from a destination making its name on the global tech scene.

The brands born or raised in and around Greater Fort Lauderdale are well-known well beyond South Florida. From health-tech (Mako Surgical / Stryker), fintech (TradeStation), HR-tech (UKG), travel-tech (JetBlue Travel Products), edu-tech (Nearpod) and even “pet-tech” (Chewy), the names are common in C-suites and households alike.

Now, it’s time to put some context to the broader story of how Greater Fort Lauderdale’s tech, innovation, education and investment sectors exist at the epicenter of dramatic change.

Welcome to the State of Technology in Greater Fort Lauderdale Report, presented by South Florida TechGateway. This report has been compiled from dozens of discussions with the people changing our world – the CEOs and CTOs, VCs and visionaries, and educators, mentors and innovators from across Greater Fort Lauderdale.